Xis Black Hole + Meteor (wave 555 record)

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Xis Black Hole + Meteor
Completed wave 555 in Arena mode
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Uses teleport + Focus to retain high amounts of ward
Uses Black hole with Armageddon and Meteor to control enemies and deal high damage
The highest amount of ward reached with my current gear is about 13k, but 8-9000 Ward is easily maintainable.

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Currently rank 15 on ladder (was rank 6)
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The build requires no unique items to function, but there are two that suits the build really well

The first one is Rahyeh's Light, which auto casts Fire Shield and has great stats.

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The second one is Exsanguinous which helps maintain a nice ward amount.
(This one should only be used if you have Health Leech on your gear)

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Stat priority
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Intellect, Glancing blow and Armour, Cooldown Reduction, Life leech, Spell damage, Critical strike, Critical Multiplier


Mana Efficiency, Mana, Added Health, Increased Health(%),  Movement Speed

The Build

Many of the skill trees have a few optional points to spend, which are specific to your playstyle.

Skill trees:

Teleport (Decoys optional, could pick elemental damage instead)

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Fire Shield (Piercing Flames and Circle of Flames optional)

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Focus (no optional, this should be the best setup)

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Black Hole (Pulsar Optional, can take Rifts to solve mana issues)

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Meteor (Most of the nodes are optional, crit nodes should be first priority)

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Mana and Intellect nodes are first priority!

Mage (The last points in Preparation is taken on higher levels, start with only 20 points total in Mage)

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Sorcerer (get to Rapid Casting as soon as possible, Warder, Arcane Intellect and Dragon Mage is your best late game nodes)

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Posted 7. May 2019


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Nice build mate, 10/10 would try 😃